Terms and Conditions

Between KIDACTIVE and the Bookie

1.0 Venue MAP

St Andrews Primary, London, Headington

1.1 Making a booking

Holiday childcare will be advertised on our booking platform. The bookie will be asked to (i) register a portal and (ii) select chosen date/s and payment method (cost of childcare will be shown). The bookie will be asked to agree to terms and conditions before confirming a booking. If the bookie does not agree they should not click confirm.

1.2 Childcare confirmation

After the bookie confirms (online) a booking the booking will display in the portal under 'bookings' and will state 'awaiting payment' until payment has been received. An automated invoice/email (check inbox and spam) will be sent to the bookie.

1.3 Payment or Cancellation

The bookie has the 24 hour period (after the bookie confirms a booking) to cancel a booking. After 24 hours has passed the invoice will be due in full.

1.4 Payment methods

We accept payment by BACS; Childcare Voucher, Tax Free Childcare and Cash.

1.5 Cancellation (long term medical)

If a child is unable to attend holiday childcare due to an unforeseen long-term medical condition (general sickness, diarrhoea, fevers, COVID etc. excluded) a discretionary credit will be offered (minus £10.00, admin) for the amount unused. Nb. [i] this does not include siblings booked into childcare and [ii] this only applies to cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of childcare.

1.6 Refunds/Credits

We do not offer refunds or credits for child absences. Examples of absences inc. (this is not an exhausted list) • Sickness • Isolation (COVID) • Rearranged plans • Suspensions / Exclusions. We do credit if KIDACTIVE is forced to close by order of Government, Local Authority or Environmental Health.

1.7 Transfer of childcare

If a child is unable to attend a holiday club due to long term sickness or change to childcare arrangements a booking can be transferred to another child as long as the child is of the same school year. The bookie will be responsible to arrange the transfer and payment (between the original payee and the transfer). NB If this applies please contact us (email) prior to making any third party arrangements and at least 24 hours before booked childcare.

1.8 Changing a booking

We can change a booked date to any other available date within the same holiday period providing [i] you give us 24 hours notice; [ii] we have availability and [iii] the booking lines (for either the club or individual groups) have not closed (due to capacity being reached) prior to your request.

1.9 Refund charges

If a payment is made without a booking/invoice e.g. accidental (by you) we will refund the amount minus £10.00 (bank charges/admin). Refunds can only be made via BACS to the payee. Allow 14 days.

2.0 Late collection

We understand that situations may arise where a possible late collection may occur. If you are expected to arrive later than our closing we ask that you make us aware by either calling or sending an SMS ahead so that we can make necessary childcare arrangements. Lateness will be monitored.

2.1 Prices

We offer early and standard prices. To receive our early prices a booking must be made and paid 21 days+ in advance of selected childcare.

2.2 Discounts/Referrals/Free passes

We offer a £1.00 discount if a parent/guardian works for NHS, Police, Fire service/s or University of Oxford. We may (not always) run block booking discount deals. This will be indicated when booking. We offer a 50% discount on a single booking if a new customer books via a referral. The discount will be applied after the referral has booked/paid. A free pass is valued to one child. Passes are not transferable. We have the right to select the date.

2.3 Failure to pay / Debt recovery

If the bookie fails to pay an invoice we have the right to pass their details on to a third party debt recovery company.

2.4 Decline childcare

We have the right to cancel a booking and/or decline childcare if [i] we believe a payment will not be made on time and/or [ii] we deem a child to be unsuitable, for any reasonable reason, to attend our setting(s).

2.5 Additional needs

We recognise that some children have additional needs or physical disabilities that require particular support. As the needs of each child varies the site Manager and/or our Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENco) will assess each child in consultation with their parents/guardians on a case-by-case basis, depending on [i] the level of support each child requires to enable them to fully participate in activities, [ii] the suitability of our club environments, [iii] the level of qualification/s and experience of our staff and [iv] our adult to child ratios. If this applies please contact us prior to making a booking.

2.6 Portal information

The parent/guardian (that registers the portal) is responsible to (a) provide up-to-date and relevant information about their child, themselves and any third party carer; and (b) to notify management (email), prior to their child's next attendance, if there are any changes to their child's needs. KIDACTIVE have the right to block/delete a portal.

2.7 Communication

By registering a portal you give KIDACTIVE permission to communicate with you via email, sms and telephone.