Summer Message Board

Site contact numbers - CLICK

Front gate closes at 9.15 am.

Use back gate between 9.20 am and 4.50 pm.

We re-open the front gate at 5.00 pm, please avoid collecting for the 10 minutes in between 4.50-5.00 pm as we maneuver between gates.

Pack sufficient food for the day.

Pack spare lower clothes in case of toilet incidents.

Children need a sun hat.

No nuts, we have allergies.

We can't reheat or refrigerate food.

A reminder to adults not to enter the buildings and to refrain from using mobile phones onsite in the back playground - safeguarding.

When you book please ensure that you select the school year that your child has just finished as it ensures that they are in the correct group.

You can view your booked childcare dates in your portal under the Your Booking tab. Please check to avoid arriving on the wrong day(s).

If a date on the booking calendar has an 'X' it means that we are full on that date. If nearer the time we can accommodate more children (weather/staff depending) we may re-open the date so please refer to the booking calendar regularly if you need a date that has closed.

We need toilet rolls, magazines, newspapers and small boxes for junk modelling.

Our final summer date is Friday 26 August.